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ePay is a modern system that is used to organize, automate and simplify the Human Resource, Employee Performance Management and Payroll operations of businesses.

Its simple and yet intuitive user interface and its ability to integrate with other systems, make ePay a favourite of modern HR and Accounts personnel.

ePay is a robust and secure system that provides all the tools and functionality needed in today's businesses of any type and size.

What makes ePay even more distinguished from other similar systems is its flexibility to be customised to suit the unique needs of each business and to be accessed in the cloud or on-premise.

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At a Glance.

All-in-one HR and Payroll software for all modern businesses...

Human Resource

Organise, manage and report on employee data, employee leave and leave liability, employee documents (CVs, certificates), employee family data, performance appraisals and more...


Easily track employee loans, PAYE, Pension, Medical Scheme contributions and all earnings and deductions without any hassles. Link to other systems such as Time Attendance, SACCO, Accounting and produce any payroll related reports, including MRA P forms.

Employee Portal

Reduce printing and work load in the Accounts and HR offices by allowing employees to securely access their payslips online and apply for leave and view all their leave information at their convenient time and location...

Core Features.


Companies and businesses love ePay because it is easily customised, extended and integrated with other systems to cater for the unique requirements of each business, and more...

Quick & Accurate

• Accurate payroll calculation
• Bank files for salary payment
• Professional payslips


• Customise or add new features
• Either Web or LAN access
• Integrate with accounting, time attendance systems, etc

Employee Portal.

Once upon a time, payslips used to be printed, and loan and leave applications for employee used to be filled on paper forms...

Online Payslips

Allows employees to securely access their current and previous payslips, completely eliminating or reducing the need to print.

Loan & Leave Online

Enable employees to apply for loans and leave, and be able to track approvals and history for both.

Employee Leave.

Easily and accurately manage leave days for employees, and track days that each employee has earned and how much to pay them for those days, when they are terminated.

Leave Management

• Manage accrued leave days
• Set leave planner for employees
• Apply for and approve leave for employees online

Leave Liability

• Track leave days each employee has accumulated from the start of the financial period to date and only pay for these days when employees are terminated

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Employee Appraisals.

Tracking performance of employees over a set period (half year or end of year) is made easy with ePay...

Set Job Targets

At the beginning of the financial year, set job targets for each employee


At a set period, allow supervisors to appraise their subordinates based on their performance and the targets that were set at the start of the period.

Medical Scheme.

Track medical scheme contributions by employees and employer for any number of medical schemes, such as MASM, MedHealth or run your own medical scheme organisation...

Scheme Rates

• Define medical scheme organisation
• Set medical scheme categories
• Set rates for each category

Add Employee

• Add employee to medical scheme organisation
• Add family members to scheme
• Add employees and family members to scheme category


Produce various HR, Appraisal and Payroll reports in PDF, Word and Excel...

HR & Appraisal

• Employee listing
• Leave liability
• Appraisal results
• Long service and retirement
• Contracts and Probation
ending notices

Payroll Reports

• Itemised Earnings
and Deductions reports
• MRA P Forms
• Medical Scheme reports
• Bank Files
• Payroll listing and more...

Pricing Plans.

Ditch your paper work and move into the mordern paperless world, with our affordable pricing plans.
Plans may be billed monthly, quarterly or annually.

No credit/debit card

A no-commitment plan for test driving ePay. You can use ePay for your company for free for 30 days with all features.

MK 18,500.00 /Mo

Manage your employees' data using this plan, including all HR, Payroll and Employee Performance Appraisal features.

Business Plus
MK 27,500.00 /Mo

Engage our experts to customise ePay to suit your unique needs, by adding reports, features and functionalities specific to you.

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